RIAICES 3rd International Congress
"Improving the Quality of Thinking and Action in Higher Education: The Roles of Cognition and Emotion"
July 17 – 19, 2013 Riga, Latvia


RIAICES (Red Iberoamericana de Investigación sobre la Calidad de la Educación Superior) invites researchers, scientists, politicians, students and educators for its 3rd International Congress to take place on July 17, 18 and 19 of 2013, at the University of Latvia.


RIAICES was founded in Madrid, Spain, on June 20, 2009. One of the intentions that animates the creation of this Net is to make available for the responsible of the Institutions of Higher Education contributions of the investigation about the quality in Higher education. Its main purpose is to afford assistance about factors that condition the success in the tasks of accreditation, certification and the other aspects related to the quality of Higher Education, without disregarding the internal practices that condition those processes.

  • Develop processes and strategies of help, support and collaboration in the activity of self-evaluation of the quality of the Higher Education in the Iberian American Educational Institutions.
  • Accomplish comparative studies and multi centers about this thematic.
  • Organize and develop nucleuses of the RIAICES in their respective countries in order to favor the correspondent investigation and also assume the role of coordination in them.
  • Produce a periodic publication per year about this thematic.
  • Accomplish a periodical congress.

Congress RIAICES 2013 is for researchers, scientists, politicians, students and educators to interact and disseminate information on the latest developments in the investigation about the quality in Higher education.

RIAICES 2013 congress aims at giving the opportunity to engage researchers, scientists, politicians, students and educators in substantive discussions, to promote best practices, and to share innovative programs, practices, and projects about improving quality of Higher Education.

  • to provide universities from Europe and Latin America with an opportunity to display and present their works (i.e. curriculum innovation, research, activities, practical projects) on quality of educational process;
  • to foster the exchange of information, ideas, methodologies, approaches and experiences acquired in the execution of projects, from successful initiatives and good practice, highlighting the possibilities of applications and replications;
  • to reinforce co-operation between the European Union and Latin America in the field of Higher Education.

All contributions are reviewed by scientific committee. Selected (best) papers from the congress will be published in congress proceedings.

Congress topics:
  • Cognition and Emotion in Higher Education.
  • International and intercultural dialogue in higher education.
  • Innovative teaching and learning experience in higher education and professional development of academic staff.
  • Situation in higher education development in Europe and Latin America in the contexts of novel social, educational, cultural, economical challenges.
  • Substantiation of cooperation networks among higher education institutions in Europe and Latin America in research.
  • Quality of educational process in higher education institutions.
  • Thinking and Action in Higher Education.
  • Distance Education: Modes, Models and Methods.
  • Quality Issues in Distance Learning.

The Scientific Committee also encourages proposals that feature multiple perspectives or multiple institu¬tions, such as sessions focusing on institutional collaborations or partnerships among different types of institutions for quality of education and community engagement and improvement.