RIAICES 3rd International Congress
"Improving the Quality of Thinking and Action in Higher Education: The Roles of Cognition and Emotion"
July 17 – 19, 2013 Riga, Latvia


To book the following hotels for the prices indicated, please, CONTACT LIGA HARTPENGA via e-mail: LIGA.HARTPENGA@LATVIATOURS.LV

Hotel More information Single room Double room/
Twin room
Radisson blu Elizabete hotel www.radissonblu.com 112 EUR 112 EUR
Radisson blu Ridzene www.radissonblu.com 108 EUR 108 EUR
Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija www.radissonblu.com 100 EUR 100 EUR
Opera & Spa hotel www.operahotel.lv 76 EUR 92 EUR
Europa Royal www.groupeuropa.com 84 EUR 84 EUR
Tallink hotel www.tallinkhotels.com 69 EUR 74 EUR
Konventa Seta www.hotelkolonna.com 56 EUR 62 EUR
Old Riga Palace Hotel www.orp.lv/ 55 EUR 60 - 70 EUR
Old City Boutique hotel
economy room www.oldcityhotel.lv 63 EUR 81 EUR
classic 75 EUR 92 EUR

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